Introduction to Woodturning: Spindle Work

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Course Description: (Class size is limited - Reserve your space early )

Students will work side-by side with Carmen De La Paz teaching basic and intermediate skills and techniques for Woodturning – starting with safety, progressing from how a wood lathe works to actually creating utilitarian and decorative woodturned pieces from beginning to end.  This course will focus heavily on the introduction of a woodturners most commonly used woodturning chisels.  Special attention will given to developing tool control and proper cuts with a roughing gouge, spindle gouge, parting tool and a skew chisel.  With this skill set students will create what is known as "spindle work" - where the wood is held between centers on the lathe to create things such as candle sticks, tea lights, honey dippers and spinning tops.  Ultimately this 2 days course will prepare the new turner for face turnings such as, bowls and platters.

A woodturning Lathe is usually the LAST tool a carpenter puts their hands, and although it has a higher learning curve than most power tools, it also doesn’t require you to have ever worked with a power tool. Woodturning is a serious hobby and as such safety at the lathe will be the foundation of this beginning to intermediate class. The true secret to opening the doors of possibilities in woodturning is to insure you get started on the right foot with proper instruction on tool control and safety. 

Carmen’s “hands on demonstrations” supports the teaching process for each step of a project and purposefully builds YOUR skills as you go. This course is specifically designed as an introduction - to the lathe and it's 5-6 basic chisel - allowing a student to progress at their individual pace and gain confidence behind the lathe.  The goal is to learn and have fun!  

In addition to practical woodturning, this introductory course to woodturning will also highlight  tool sharpening and honing of chisels, along with how to finish and seal your piece right on the lathe. 

 Wood selection, design concepts, color and texture will be sprinkled in as time allows during the weekend of learning and sharing. 

Student Requirement:

  • This is the first course in a series designed by Carmen to help the student progress quickly and enjoy the process of making. 
  • Some basic experience and confidence behind power tools or woodworking would be beneficial.
  • Beginners or woodturners looking for a refresher on tool control are welcome.
  • Ability to stand for 2 - 3 hours and focus on both lecture and hands-on practice

Weekend Course

Day #1:          Friday Evening: 5 pm – 9 pm

          Meet & Greet & Demonstration

Day #2         Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm

        Getting Started in Woodturning

Safety Rules – Safety Equipment, Safety Wear, Safety First

  • How does the machine work – all moving pieces – to work the machine you must know the machine
  • Mounting a piece of wood on the lathe
  • Our first twirl and wood curls!
  • Spindle work & Introduction to Roughing Gouge, Parting Tool & Spindle Gouge, Skew Chisel

Day #3         Sunday: 9 am – 6 pm

         Hands – on! Woodturning: Make a Project

  •     Starting from Scratch – mounting the wood
  •   Brief introduction of how to use a chuck
  •     Creating the foot for your chuck mount
  •    Spindle creations 1 & 2

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