Workshop 3: Develop & Create YOUR own Television/Internet media project: On a shoe-string budget!

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NEW Carmen  cover3.jpg

Workshop 3: Develop & Create YOUR own Television/Internet media project: On a shoe-string budget!


Develop & create YOUR own television/internet media project:

On a shoe-string budget!

Everyone wants to make money on the internet with their own “show” – whether it is Youtube, Instagram, Facebook live, Google hangout, etc. etc. – the portals to distribute your content is open and can cost practically nothing.

Sounds easy?  The answer: “If you know what you are doing.”

To be successful and really generate interest that can turn to income requires more than a cute face and goofing off in front of a camera.  You may get lucky and have ONE image or video go viral but, how do you capture and maintain that audience consistently?  Even those who seem to be goofing off – have had to focus and be strategic to hold their numbers and increase their followers.

The reality is, thanks to social media platforms ANYONE can capture higher numbers in engaged viewership than many television and cable networks can for much of their programming and content.  Content is king, how you present it - is Queen.

If you have the content that captures views and can present it consistently and get some basic technical skills – YOU CAN create your own content and start to make money from it.  

This workshop is designed for actors, experts and bloggers with a specific niche, who want to host on-camera projects for television and internet media.

Carmen shares years of information full of passion and fueled by a dream that is her reality.

You will learn: 

  • “On Camera” techniques that will help you take the next steps to being better and feeling better in front of the camera. 
  • Content is KING, how you produce it - is Queen! “One man band” production: Conceive, Produce, Shoot, Host, Edit, Upload. All from your Smart phone and make it look professional!   
  • Time? How much “Time” will your content take to create and how much time will your content take to actually view?  Weigh your effort vs your final product. 
  • How do other brands become interested in your brand?
  • How does one make money on the internet?

Enrolling Now: Thursdays, April 11th & 18th, 2017 @ 5:30 – 4 Hour Workshop: $175.00


We will accept registrations no later then 3pm day before actual class is in session.  Class size is limited, so reserve your spot today!


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